Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Tablerunner

Another grey, dull, spring day. Everyone is saying "at least I don't have to shovel"!
What better project to bring out than a bright, happy, spring tablerunner?
I wanted to sew this during the pink month at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and got totally sidetracked sewing all these blue (January) and pink (February) spool blocks that I cut, and didn't get a thing done on the pink runner.

I have no memory of where or when I bought this kit, but I still really like it and want it to be on my table instead of in pieces in the closet. I'm about half finished the pinwheel blocks, and am enjoying sewing on my Sweet Baby Jayne featherweight!

And guess what tomorrow is? 
It's Friday Night Sew In!
Sign up over at Sugarlane Quilts and get your projects ready. 
I hope to finish this tablerunner at FNSI!


Deanna W said...

I know those FNSI, you better get lots of work done on it today...hahaha!!! ;)

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

that is a sweet featherweight. I never had a lot of luck with mine but I still have it. One day if I have a larger sewing room I will keep it out all the time, it is too much trouble for me to keep switching out sewing machines when I only have one place to put them!

Janet O. said...

Looks like a very sweet and refreshing thing to be sewing after this long and seemingly endless winter!

Created by Kathi said...

thanks for sharing about the FNSI... sounds fun! I am more an early bird that a late nighter anymore though! lol :) Love your white fw! Sweet Baby Jayne certainly is SWEET!! Kathi

Barb said...

cute pink and green pinwheels.
what a super cute white featherweight!

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Two grey and gloomy days here then today was to go to 50 degrees and while the forecast still said that all morning, as well as rain's snowed all morning

So I wanted BRIGHT as in SunLIGHT but what I got was WHITE :)

Kate said...

Love those bright pinks, those definitely say spring to me. We've got sunshine, but it's very windy and cold. At least we have the sun!

Karen said...

The pink and green pinwheels look so very good next to the color of your little machine. Sort of color coordinated.