Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pumpkin Seeds

I very rarely do not post a Design Wall Monday photo. But there was nothing on my wall yesterday, and I didn't want to post a photo of my blank wall! 
The reasons for the blankness are numerous...
1)  Fall is my favorite time of year, and we are having such amazing fall weather with warm temperatures and spectacular colour, that I just can't stay indoors.

2) I am tired from all the outdoor activity and fresh air, so don't have the motivation to work on a large machine pieced project right now, or the energy late at night to even do some hand stitching (you know it's bad when...)

and 3) I am obsessed with Pumpkin Seeds!

My hand applique project has totally captured my interest, which feels very odd and unexplainable even to me.
I keep gravitating to these blocks, so I am trying to go with the flow of creative energy.

I was planning to make each block with the same colour of seeds, but then thought it might be fun to mix up some fall looking blocks with different colours. You can see that all four of these seed blocks are unfinished! 
I didn't like it. 

So I went back to making four seeds for each block in the same colour.
Then I struggled with getting the center points to line up. Why was this all of a sudden so hard?
Oh yah, I remembered that I was not putting the centers in to make an X shape, I had planned to make an O shape. 
Sheesh... where are the brain cells and where is the seam ripper?!?!?

Here are the 12 blocks I have sewed together so far on the design wall today.
Perfect... just what I had in mind!
Now, if only I can remember the plan next time I put a block together!


Debra said...

Very nice! Great to see you are getting addicted to hand applique! Good work!

Deb A said...

Hehe! You were thinking of my X's! Your blocks are looking great.

Ellen said...

Your blocks look so pretty!

Mary said...

O's are easier than X's huh?? Enjoying FALL is the best excuse. I missed reading your Blog yesterday, just FYI. The pumpkin seeds are cute scrappy.

audrey said...

Absolutely lovely.:)

Lesley said...

Your blocks are beautiful! Love them made in the same colours...good decision!

margaret said...

love the circles are they easy to do, they look rather complicated to me. Good to see you are enjoying the co,ours of the autumn, no doubt the winter will soon be here, hopefully it will not be all white!

Kate said...

It looks beautiful where you are. I'd have a hard time staying in if I could walk there.

Love your pumpkin seed blocks. Very colorful.

Deanna W said...

Oh I am so glad that it is not just me who has seemed to have lost a few brain cells. Hang in there friend!!