Friday, March 25, 2011

Donation Quilt Finished!

My sewing time for the past two days was all hand work to finish up our group donation quilt (to read more about the quilt - click here).
We picked up the quilt from Country Lane Fabrics (no website) which is a country Mennonite store that did the hand quilting for us. They generously donated their quilting services for our project knowing that we made this quilt for the Relief Sale.

Here are some close up shots of the wonderful quilting...the double 4 patch blocks were quilted with 4 X's, and the squares with white sashing blocks were quilted with diamond shapes.
Don't you just love that they used a dark purple thread which showcases their wonderful hand quilting stitches?!?!

Here is another photo showing the border quilting and the corner design. It's just so pretty!

So, my first job was the binding.
I had the binding already prepared like I always do. I prepare the strips and roll them on a paper towel tube to store until the quilt is ready for the binding. That way I always have the matching binding fabric and haven't used it up in another project!

I like to stitch it on to the right side of the quilt by machine and then hand stitch it to the back. I know there are many quick ways to bind quilts all by machine, but I love hand stitching a binding (one of my favorite parts of the quilting process) so that's what I do!
I even painted my fingernails to match the border and binding fabric to make it a little more fun (it doesn't take much to thrill me!)

The next step was the hanging sleeve, and that is just plain boring. It's the same stitch as I use on the binding, but it sure feels different to sew it...weird, I know!

The last step was attaching the label. Isn't this a great label that group member Pat found for us?!? There are 4 of us in our little quilting group and only 3 quilters on the label, but that's because I'm always taking the group photos, and am rarely in one!

SO here is the finished quilt, which we are calling "Chicklets"! It is not a good photo and the colours are off, but it's a finished quilt and handed in before the deadline!!


Mary said...

I like to hand stitch my bindings down as well. It's my last chance before my grandbabies hug the quilt! That's why I have 5 small quilts to hand-stitch while I'm riding to see the 2 new ones SOON!

Ellen said...

The quilt turned out wonderful - a great collaboration. With the lovely hand-quilting this quilt should be a money-maker!

swooze said...

Very pretty

Diana LaMarre said...

I prepare the strips and roll them on a paper towel tube ...

what a great tip! By the time I get around to doing bindings, I often find that I have used the fabric for another project.

I love how your nails matched the pretty quilt.

Kate said...

Very bright, very pretty! Great quilt!

AnnieO said...

Gorgeous hand quilting! I like that they made a "square in square" on the alternate blocks. I like to make my binding early on in the quiltmaking process too :) but I accordion fold it about every foot and use a binding clip to keep it neat. It stores nicely in my project boxes that way!

That's a lovely quilt and label for the relief efforts.

Helen in the UK said...

That's a wonderful quilt - hope it raises lots of funds. You've got to admire a quilter who matches her nail varnish to her current quilt :)