Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2 colour quilts

There is a wonderful display of 651 Red and White quilts in New York City this week . I am seeing photos of these quilts appear on quilting blogs I read. The first one was on Pat Sloan's blog on Sunday, then I saw Sophie's report here, and Victoria's gorgeous photos here, and then a post on Thelma's blog here.  Then I got 2 emails from quilt friends about this show (thanks to Judy and Nancy).  It looks like an amazing and unique quilt show. 
You can see tons of links about this show on Pat's new Red and White blog - click here.
I love 2 colour quilts and in February I worked on 2 red and white projects projects (to see them click here and here).  But truthfully,  I just don't have what it takes to make a large 2 colour (or 2 fabric...gasp!) quilt.

I wish I did.
I am really struggling with my current 2 colour project - civil war quilt blocks, which I am sewing in blue and cream. I only have to sew one block each week, but I can hardly stand it!
These are the last 3 blocks I made...
#9 Birds in the Air on the right, #8 Cotton Boll on the left, and #11 Louisiana below.

I just am so bored with using only 2 colours, even though I have lots of variety in my fabrics.
It's boring.
Boring. Boring.
So, after waffling about it for a month, I finally decided to finish the blocks I have already sewn into a tabletopper and call it a day! That will free up some time to start 2 other colourful block sampler projects that I have been dreaming of, which will make my sewing time happier :)

As I often say to other people, quilting is our hobby and we should enjoy every minute of it as much as we can. So if I'm not loving what I'm doing, I should take my own advice and move on... n'est pas?!?
Here are my 9 blocks that I will sew together someday... but not today.
I have to get going on my UFO for Judy's UFO challenge that has to be finished by the end of March.
Yikes...I have 2 days left to get 'er done!
I will have fun with that because I have a quilting design idea that I think will be interesting to sew :)


  1. I've made 1 two color quilt in my life, and I found the same thing. I was bored. I love the look of them, but just can't make myself do another one. Maybe someday, but not today.

    I love your blue blocks, by the way. :)

  2. Two color quilts are beautiful and I love your blue blocks!

  3. It is sometimes more difficult to work in two colors than to work with many fabrics. I do like your blue & cream blocks a lot. If the project does not make you happy, then finishing with what you have is a good thing. At least you will be making something with what you started.

  4. Blue and white is always right, in my book! I love them, and think that the key to making a quilt with two colors is to work on it for a bit, set it aside, and come back to it. Your blocks are lovely to me!

  5. You are so right - if it isn't bringing you joy then you should move on! I like two colour quilts but my true love is scrappy and colourful.

  6. I love your blocks but tend to agree with you, if you are bored then move on but do finish up the quilt first....just use the nine blocks...and be done with it....maybe put a little sprig of color between the you didn't ask my opinion but I guess I am in a chatty mood??? I am just saying if you take care of it now then it won't be a noose around your neck later.

  7. Love your blue blocks. but you are right - this is a hobby and you should enjoy it, plus it feeds your soul - so if lost of colors do it... go for it!!

  8. Yep, you should enjoy your hobby! Maybe you can spice it up with the sewing of some colorful blocks in between? Workign on 2 projects at the same time usually gets me through 'dry spells'...

  9. I made one red and white quilt and thought that one was enough. I stuck with the red but added other colors to my quilts. After seeing all those Red & White quilts in the NY show, I'm ready to make another one, or two!

    I like what you've got going with your blue blocks, but if you aren't feeling it definitely move on! I've abandoned at least two projects, looking back on it, it was the best thing for me to do!

  10. Your arrangement of the 9 blocks looks like a preplanned, on-purpose quilt, with the big X in the center, similar blocks at N and S, similar blocks at E and W, and similar blocks on opposite corners.
    I totally agree with other comments. We should totally enjoy our hobby(s), without regretting or dreading or disliking some part of it.
    BTW--I like your blue blocks.

  11. I love looking at two color quilts, but I've never made one. I can see where it might be boring, even with different fabtics.

    Good luck on your UFO challenge for March.

  12. I tried to make a blue and white Dear Jane, despite working for several (3?) years, I only ever had enough for a wall hanging. So if an quilt only wants to be a wall hanging, let it live out its destiny and move on. You are so right -- it is a hobby and you should be having fun.

  13. I love your two color blocks, but we are doing this for the enjoyment of it. So if you aren't enjoying what you are doing, put those in a baggie to sew together later and move on to something that you are excited about. As a friend of mine reminds me, "There are no quilt police!"

  14. Two-color quilts are awesome, but I am with you. I would probably get bored quickly. I've thought about making one block per month and just letting it drag on....hoping that by working on other things in between I wouldn't get bored....


  15. If the blocks are telling you to make them into something smaller who are you to be bored? Quilting sure isn't a boring hobby, always something new to try.