Monday, December 21, 2009

Design Wall Monday

It's Monday again and time to show you what's on my design wall. To see the design walls of other quilters, click here to Judy's blog.
I spent a lot of hours cutting, sewing HST's, squaring them up and getting ready to sew Step #4 of Bonnie's mystery.  These are the pieces prepared for sewing the blocks.
Quite a bit of time was spent trying to decide if I wanted to include this fabric...or not. You can see my original fabrics laid out here and I really liked this fabric, which in the photo was confidently placed the pink pile but when it came time to cutting it, I couldn't decide if it was mostly pink or mostly green. My sister was convinced it shouldn't even be in the quilt at all LOL! But I went ahead and put it in some of the blocks and time will tell if that was a good decision or not!
Here is Step #4 completed...104 broken dishes blocks.  It has been very relaxing to have this project to work on as time permits...easy, mindless piecing while listening to Christmas Carols on the radio. I doubt that I'll have much time this week to work on any quilting. I am doing a trunk show and lecture at the quilt guild in Orangeville tonight and then between working, and preparing for Christmas, it'll be a whirlwind of activity!


  1. Wow! Sounds like you will be busy.

    Your blocks are wonderful!

  2. Your Design Wall looks great! Love the pinks.

  3. Wow - you've made a lot of progess. I've just pulled out the fabric I intend to use! :)
    Regarding the fabric with an identity crisis, since the background of the fabric is green, it is reading like a green - especially in the laid out blocks in the bottom-center.

  4. Holy Cow! Do you take time to breathe????

  5. I love your broken dishes blocks, the colors are so fresh - those are the only ones I have left to do and they are starting to wear on me, so it is probably time to pause for a holiday, then I can get back to them in a few days.