Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tons of Tomatoes

I was so excited when my tomato plants started to do well this summer, especially since the rest of my garden was really struggling/dying. The tomatoes ended up taking over most of the garden and are now totally out of control! We have bowls of tomatoes to content with and I have tried many different recipes to use them up.
I tried making Salsa, which my family decided contained too many other vegetables - I was trying to sneak that past them! And they decided that it wasn't spicey enough to suit them. Hmmm...I might give it another shot this weekend. I made my favorite bean dip recipe with lots of tomatoes and that went over really well.
And I have made tomato quiche, which the kids flat out hated.
Okay,'s the problem. I keep adding ingredients that the recipe doesn't call for. In quilting, I call that "making it your own" and "being creative". In cooking, my family begs me just to follow the recipe!!
Here's a photo of the tomato quiche...but I added spinach, feta cheese, peppers and a little leftover ham. I think that sounds delicious, but sadly, most of it is still sitting in the fridge!!
I hope to try Libby's Tomato Basil Pie - the recipe is on her blog (on September 15th) "A Simple Girl". Anybody have any good tomato recipes I could try??? I promise to follow the directions as written!!!
*Latest News*
Guess what happened last night when I went out to the garden to collect more tomatoes?!? This guy was guarding my plants!'s a skunk! So I called the Mr. Animal Control guy and thankfully he came out "after hours" to help us with this problem. Mr. Skunk wasn't moving around, just laying there, but did not appear to be injured. We wondered about the possibility of the skunk having rabies. When Mr. Animal Control guy approached, Mr. Skunk 'sprayed' towards him, but not in the direction of my tomato plants! Eventually the skunk was chloroformed and wrestled into a bag...I didn't ask what would happen to Mr. Skunk since I didn't really want to know. The tomato patch is still smelling pretty 'ripe' today!


swooze said...

I would eat that quiche! It looks yummy!

Margeeth said...

I think your quiche sounds great. And, if everyone just followed the recipe nothing new would ever be cooked.

Carole said...

We had Libby's dish last night! It was delicious. We invested in a dehydrator. Makes for some delicious sun dried tomatoes! Enjoy your bounty!