Sunday, April 20, 2008

Orange Crushing

I used my sewing minutes this weekend to dig around in my stash and pull out the fabric I need for step #2 of the Orange Crush mystery. I am determined not to buy any new fabric - it's harder than you'd think! I made a test block and then cut out all the pieces I need for this step. I don't have the EZ ruler, well maybe I do, but I can't find it :) so I went ahead and cut the pieces the old fashioned way. Here they are waiting to be sewn together - I'll work away at piecing them together all week when I have a few moments. Don't you just love having a project all cut and ready to sew?!?!


Ruthie said...

How cool....they look like little trees to me. Mine are all burgandy, rust, browns.

Katie said...

It's VERY hard not to buy new fabric! LOL

Julie said...

Hi, Kathy. Yours are looking great! Mine are "super scrappy" again with a little bit of everything. I have only strips cut but will get them into triangles soon.

scraphappy said...

There is nothing better than a stack of little bits and pieces ready to sew! Kind of like wrapped boxes on Christmas morning, just waiting for that next step.

Greenmare said...

well, good job you getting them all cut out and ready! Once I decided to cut out everything I needed for a king size quilt while my husband was working nights. I ended up staying up all night cutting!! Guess who had to nap that day?

Amy said...

Thank GOODNESS there are other quilters out there NOT DONE with OC#2!! :0)~
Whew---I've seen you posting comments on so many sites, I just ASSUMED you were done with #2, bored, and out surfin'.......Whew!!!!

:0) Your colors looks so "cabiny," which I love! Can wait to see how they work in this quilt for you !

Happy Monday (what's left of it anyway)
-Amy (NW WI)

Donna said...

Hi Kathy,

Looks like you are in good shape. I know what you mean about not buying new fabric. I have enough in my stash now to make about 50 quilts, but it is so fun to buy new stuff.