Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Guild BOM

I just read my quilt guild newsletter. I love that it is posted online and I can read it in full colour anytime (and our editor Cheryl does such a great job!). I suddenly remembered that I still have blocks for comfort quilt kits from January's meeting - shhhh...don't tell Joan! February's meeting was cancelled due to the snowy weather, and in March I completely forgot to take the blocks to the meeting. Here they are still on my design wall! They were fun to sew using Jan Mullens' Stargazey method of piecing. I'm not sure of the committee's plans to put the blocks together, but I'll take a photo when I find out what happens to them.

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Greenmare said...

my Feb guild meeting was cancelled because of a snowstorm too and then in March we were too busy practicing for Easter services to go, and I miss it!!! I bet you do to! My next meeting is the 10, want to come along?? ;-)