Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

We are back from a fun and exhausting trip to New Jersey to visit some of my husband's family. We had a great vacation including an early July 4th parade, fireworks, swimming in their backyard pool, golf for my husband, a day trip to the Jersey shore (which was the first time my children have seen the ocean), lots of playing games (including their new favorite "The Train Game"), yummy food made by my sister-in-law (whom I lovingly call "Martha") and lots of time for chatting.
Unfortunately I missed out on visiting the local quilting stores because Monday was the only day I had time to shop and much to my horror, I discovered that all the stores there are closed on Monday!!! I was very disappointed about that but my pocketbook is relieved!
I was so happy to get home and pick up my dog Molly from our friends who were looking after her. We call them Molly's foster family since they look after her whenever we are away. We missed each other very much!
Today I am tackling the mountain of laundry and am preparing for another weekend away. I am taking my children camping with all my siblings and their families (10 children in total). This is our 11 th year of this tradition, which we call the "annual family Pow Wow". We'll have more fun at the beach, game playing, campfires, and lots of time for visiting...and more sleep deprivation!
And I am also suffering from quilting deprivation, but really, how can I complain when I am having so much fun?


Andrea said...

Have a great time - your quilting will be waiting for you when you're ready - lol !

swooze said...

Have fun! The quilting will be there for rainy and empty nest days!

Kathy said...
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Kathy said...

It sounds like you had a great time celebrating the 4th. Have a good time on the camping trip; your quilting will be waiting for you.

sewnut said...

Jersey is a fine place to visit relatives if you are visiting relatives! I have done that all my life.