Saturday, February 10, 2007

More Paper Piecing

I was demonstrating paper piecing at the local Michaels store this afternoon. I picked up a couple of project bags to work on, and one of them was this block from Linda at Paper Panache. This is one of four blocks you could get from her site around the Christmas season. She surprised us by posting different blocks depending on when you downloaded your pattern. Now there is a new block (larger and more complex) posted and I will work on gathering my fabrics and then put everything in a bag for when I have a few minutes to work on a project. People often ask me how I get so many things finished and I am often asked "do you sleep"? Yes...I sleep 8 hours every night, but I do sew or do hand work almost every evening after I put my children to bed. It is often the only time I have to relax and have quiet time to myself. Also I run down to the machine if I have any "found time", even if I only have 5 minutes to spare. It's amazing how much I can accomplish with a few minutes here and there!

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