Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

It's a cold and snowy Valentine's Day here...cold outside, but warm inside! The roses my husband gave me are just beautiful and he even left little treats and cards for the children...he's a keeper!
It started snowing last evening and I was too nervous to drive to guild meeting so I missed out. I spent the evening sewing the binding on the Strawberry Shortcake quilt #2 and will be so happy to get that in the mail to my niece. This second quilt has just been my worst quilting experience ever....I will post more details and photos of the finished quilts soon.
On the left is a photo of the mini quilt that my son is taking to school today for the Grade 6 Valentine's Day raffle. I hope it finds a nice home! My son refused to give Valentine's cards to his classmates as he finds the whole Valentine experience "disgusting"...instead he has chosen to give out gummy tarantulas! He is a character!

I was quite sure they would cancel school today, but schools are open, so early this morning I ventured out to drive the kids to school. This is how my car looked before I started digging it out! Good day to stay inside and quilt!

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