Saturday, February 24, 2018

Retreat Report #2

This is the next update of retreat projects - new start #2. At last year's retreat my friend Gail gave me a Featherweight sewing machine fat quarter. I made a little mat for my Featherweights to sit on. They are very old and need a soft surface to sit on 😉

It's just the fabric piece folded over a piece of thin batting, some machine quilting in the open spaces, and a machine stitched edge.

So this year I brought my Featherweight mat and my 1952 Singer 221 named Charity. She really enjoyed starting a new project and trying out the new sewing mat. Her wiring is a little bit frail and crispy, but I got everything working well.

The new project was the Exploding block from Missouri Star Company. The full size quilt uses layer cakes, but I just wanted to try out the block using a Primitive Gatherings snowman charm pack. 
The charm pack made 14 blocks and 12 were used to make this little table mat. It was fun for a quick and easy project and all the points are cut off so there is nothing to worry about! I think I'll hand quilt this cute little project.

Here is the machine back in her case to sleep overnight. See how the mat rolls up nicely to fit in the top of the case? 

Stop by tomorrow for retreat update #3 featuring hand stitched projects.


Suzanne said...

Nice project finish!

AnnieO said...

Cute mat! I have a precious fat quarter I’ve been meaning to make a mat from. Perhaps today is the day!

Mary said...

You chose quick projects to do at Retreat. Nice for a fast finish! Love the featherweight sewing mat and the name, too.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

You might need to replace that wiring, I found a sewing machine mat, with pockets for scissors, etc, at a thrift store yesterday. I was holding it up, and another lady commented on the pretty colors. I handed it to her, and told her what it was. She wound up buying it, since I didn't need it (and I would have had to fly it home from Alaska).

Paula said...

Thanks for sharing your projects. I love antique sewing machines and the mat is so cute. I watched Jenny's video and am ready to start a new project. I have several layer cakes on hand and can't wait to give the exploding block a try!

Janet O. said...

I'm very old, and I need a soft surface to sit on, too! Maybe I should make one for myself. :)
It is good of you to watch over your featherweight so well.

Karen said...

Never have seen the Featherweight fabric and what a perfect use for it.

BJ said...

Love your mat! I'll have to look for that fabric. Cute charm project, too. The best accessories in the picture, however, may be that glass of wine (?) and the shot glasses 😉.