Friday, March 18, 2016

Fabulous Friday

It's Friday, which means there will be another block posted for Circa 2016.
Here are my windmill blocks from last week. Did you notice that they are spinning in opposite directions? I don't care... I think they are sweet and I'm leaving them like that. Besides, the whole thing looks like a bit of a dog's breakfast, so what's a little more "uniqueness"?!?

And here is my project so far. The lighting is weird because the photo was taken last night, but you get the idea.

I wonder what we will be sewing next? 
Click here to see (but not too early in the morning, since they are on California time).

The official FNSI is postponed for one week, but I am so excited to be hosting a get together of some sewing friends tonight. We will have our own FNSI event.
If you need some tips on hosting a sewing event, click here and go have some fun!


  1. I'm still getting in some sewing tonight. Some well deserved me time...

  2. This is such a nice pattern and I love your fabrics. Dogs breakfast is too harsh! (By the way in the uk we call it a dogs dinner lol) have fun sewing with your friends tonight.

  3. Lovre the pinwheels and the fabrics overall for this pattern is lovely

  4. No, I hadn't noticed--I wouldn't change it, either!
    I am very curious to see how the blocks come together on this batch. Looking good so far!

  5. Your blocks look great all grouped together.

  6. Lot's of fun 3" blocks. I spin my Pinwheels wrong all the time. No worries. Temecula is adding to my block count for the month 2 at a time. Gotta catch up next week before Friday. Going to SEW with my Guild friends for National Quilting Day tomorrow. Can't wait. I have to Quilt at home before I can go- Back to the Quilt Zone where the sun isn't shining much.