Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Too much fun

Do you ever feel like life is just too full of fun things to do??

Last night was guild meeting and that is always very exciting. We had Donna Funnell as our speaker and she was so inspiring. Her work was amazing and the detail on her quilts just draws you in and makes you want to look at them unendingly!! You can see some of her work here or here and here.  Her quilts made me remember how much I love beading and how much I miss it. But I love so many other things too...and there are just not enough hours in my days...24 hours is just not enough! And even adding the extra hour when we turned our clocks back on Saturday night has not helped me!

I also love sewing quilt blocks and here are the 2 most recent blocks for the guild mystery quilt. (Oh yah...I love mysteries too and have to pull out some fabrics from my stash for Bonnie Hunter's new mystery starting soon...yikes)

I am making one set of blocks from leftover bright scraps with a consistent white background and one set of blocks from browns and creams. This is a photo of blocks 1 to 4 in both colourways.

And the Quiltmaker's 100 blocks magazine blog hop is making me crazy...too many things to see, too much inspiration, too many blocks and quilts that I want to make. Seriously, I do think there is such a thing as too much stimulation! If I don't get called in to work today I need to calm down, get my quilting room cleaned up and I need to FOCUS. I have this UFO to finish and the fall churn dash quilt (that I volunteered to quilt on Quilt Bee Day) to finish.
And then I need to get my fabric sorted for a class I  have signed up to take with Heather Stewart. the class is to make Karen Stone's Indian Orange Peel quilt. Did you see the amazing version of this quilt that Pat Sloan posted today...check it out here?? And look at this amazing one here.
Gail is organizing this class and several of the students have already met to share their fabric plans - click here to see the collections. I am going to the US to visit my sister this weekend and may have a chance to shop, so I have to figure out what I "need".
So here is my the top of the photo are my friend Barb's fabric selections and at the bottom of the photo are my fabrics. Do you see the problems??
Problem #1...I don't have enough batik fabric (125 Fat Quarters are suggested...holy cow!) and
Problem #2...I don't have not enough variety. I have some lights and some muddy mediums, but I need to do some serious shopping!


Judy D in WA said...

OMG Kathy, Indian Orange Peel is going to be amazing! And you definitely need to add to your collection. ;) How much fun is that going to be!
So many projects I want to do......let me know if you find that magic more time store.

Mary said...

Sounds like too much to me too. Take a deep breath and go for it, we quilters are good under pressure. That's why we use steam irons. LOL

scraphappy said...

I can see why you are suffering from sensory overload. This is how UFOs are born. Way too many amazing quilts to make! Love the scrappy bright blocks. They don't seem scrappy to me at all. I can only imagine how much work that Orange Peel is going to be, it is incredible. You will feel better when you finish off that UFO though, hopefully before the first step of the Bonnie Hunter mystery is released. Have fun, and try not to drown in new projects.

Alycia said...

Oh My Heavens - you are right - you have too many fun things to do. Sounds to me like the job is in the way LOL

Greenmare said...

oh what happy colors!!! and happy blocks! There is SO much to do, and fun stuff too!!

Jeanne said...

Yes, some serious shopping is needed to give more variety for Bonnie's next quilt. LOL