Thursday, April 09, 2009


I have been having a terrible time with my computer again. Apparently my PC has been sending my email into the ether for a while now...where does this missing email go? I must be wherever my children's lost socks are! I have decided to buy a Mac to get away from all of this virus nonsense and hope my computer troubles will be behind me. I just have to decide which model to buy - do you prefer a desktop or a laptop? Can you offer me advice?!
And speaking of advice, my sister was "let go" after 18 years of working for Purolator, so I recommended that she use this found time to learn to quilt. She picked out an easy pattern to start with, purchased fabrics with a star theme, and mastered rotary cutting very quickly. Here are the squares she had cut out to start piecing together. Don't you love how she carefully organized all her pieces?!? She sewed up the 4 patches and here she is with her blocks layed out on the floor. Now she is sewing the rows together and so far is really enjoying it...I am hoping she will fall in love with quilting and it will help her to get over this terrible experience of losing her job.


Karen said...

I love my iMac 20" desktop. That's my computer at home. At work I have a Windows desktop and laptop. But I prefer my Mac. JMHO.

Kelly Jackson said...

I personally perfer the desk top computer. I have both but find myself at the desk top 90% of the time. We have a Compaq and we've been very happy with it. Before you buy a new one be sure to ask if it will have all the gizmos you will want or a HD burner. Our new video camera is HD so now we need a HD drive for our computer. So, that is my two cents. I like the quilt your sister started....big project for the first one!!!

Bonnie said...

Let me confuse you.... I love my Mac laptop! We have wireless so I take it all over the house. I love being able to take it to my studio when working on a mystery. Dh has his own and we are a hoot -- happily reading our mail side by side.

It is also nice when we go visit friends for weekends cause we can take it with us and keep up with our virtual world. And, hotels if their networks are up.

If you live in a city with a Mac store I highly recommend that you get a year of One-to-One training. I've used macs for years but still did that. I was disappointed that there wasn't a store near where I moved. Oh well. Let me know if you want any more info.

Jean said...

I only have a desktop, so can't offer much advice, though mine is a compaq and I have been very happy with it. I would echo to be sure you get what features you want and need.

Love your sister's quilt. Won't it be fun to have a sis to sew with? Does she live close to you?

Tracy said...

Wow! Your sister's quilt is looking good - what a nice start! Who's idea was it to start with a large project? ;-)

BTW - Bloglines or Blogger has been holding your posts hostage. Just tonight I got everything from March 25 to the present. I thought you'd been awfully quiet lately...