Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Paper Piecing Class

On Saturday I treated myself to a fun day of paper piecing with Denise McKenna from Meadow Lily Bridge. The quilt guild had sponsored this class and I had been so busy with my MIL in November that I thought I wouldn't possibly be able to go. But since I am having a wonderful break for a couple of weeks, while my MIL is finally getting some excellent medical care in a senior's facility, my schedule is not as crazy as it had been. My husband encouraged me to get away for the day and spend time sewing with my guild friends, so I did!

In the morning, Denise taught basic paper piecing skills and since I didn't want to do the beginner block (I've made many many heart blocks over the years!) I started working on my advent calendar blocks. I have wanted to make Denise's advent calendar for a while, since 2 of the quilters in my UFO group have finished their advent calendars. I had "quilt envy" and wanted one too! I picked out fabric to make my first blocks and in the morning I was able to finish a tree and a candy cane...2 down and 23 more blocks to go. Obviously this won't be finished in time to use this year, but it will be fun to have a Christmasy project to work on over the holidays when I have a few moments (I can dream, can't I?!?!).

Here is a photo of Denise holding one of her Advent Calendars. (You can click here to order the pattern if you have "quilt envy" too!). One of the interesting things about how Denise paper pieces is that she uses Chiropractor Headrest paper that you buy at medical supply stores for her foundation. It is stronger than tissue paper, but you can see through it easily so you don't have to hold your project up to the light to see where the fabric is. I enjoyed trying that and found it easy to work with. The draw back is that you can't run it through the printer and have to trace your block before you sew.
In the afternoon we worked on a more challenging 7" star block, and believe me, it was challenging! You sew the inside star block separately and then glue it to the overall pattern. Then Denise taught us how to make a flat piping border on a paper pieced block. I just love to learn new things and was happy with how it turned out. I think I might use a heat resistant batting and turn it into a potholder (not one to use of course, just to look at!).


Paula, the quilter said...

I'm glad you're getting a much deserved break from caring for MIL. My Auntie is in a skilled nursing facility at the moment for PT and OT.

Gina said...

Now you can do paper piecing be careful you don't get addicted to it like I am.

love and hugs xxx

ShinyNewThing said...

What a lovely husband you must have. I like sewing some festive at the holidays as well, gets me in the xmas spirit. I calmed down and finished the Planet Patchwork mystery quilt, and dh says that he likes it so will likely give it to him when its quilted. Best wishes, Sharon

Greenmare said...

oh good job! that calendar is so cute! I admit, I do have a bit of quilt envy, but I also have "fear of UFO's" and "quilting ADD" so I am just going to watch you make this one.

Wendy said...

I'm glad to hear you are getting a much needed break. A new class is just the right thing. The PP is looking great. I sometimes start a Christmas project over the holidays knowing that it will be ready for next year. Might as well start something when the spirit strikes you.