Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Good things come in threes

They say that good things come in was true for me today!
In today's mail I received my registration confirmation for Quilt Canada 2008! I am very excited about this trip becoming a reality, although it isn't until June of next year.
They have signed me up for the following workshops:
Stitch a Garden (raw edge applique) with Anne C. Morrell Robinson (from Nova Scotia)
Make Your Mark (Setacolour painting) with Margie Davidson (from Alberta)
Skylight: Painted Skies for Landscape (transfer dyes) with Valerie Hearder (from Nova Scotia)
And also today I received my first Christmas gift from my most organized friend! Isn't the wrapping just so beautiful?!?! Too pretty to open! But I did open it and then wrapped it back up again to put under the tree...whenever I get one! Can you guess what it is?!?
And I got good news about my mother-in-law. They discharged her from hospital on Monday because they "needed the bed". We were panicking here and my sister-in-law saved the day! She used her connections to obtain a 3 week placement at a senior's facility in Owen Sound, where my mother-in-law could get a thorough assessment. In the last month in our city nothing was accomplished in terms of diagnosis. In one day there, they got her assessed by a neurologist who is 100% sure that she had medication toxicity, and not a stroke. One medication (which should not be prescribed for old people) was too high a dose, and was a lethal mix with two of her other medications! What a relief to find out that not only is this something that is fixable, but they found out just in time, as this would have been lethal for her. What a great day this turned out to be!


Clare said...

Thanks goodnes your MIL is ok. I've heard of medication toxicity, especially in older people. No I can't guess whats in your package -fabric perhaps?

Sweet P said...

I'm happy to hear your MIL has been properly diagnosed. I hope she feels better soon.

How wonderful to get into those classes at Quilt Canada and to receive an early Christmas present. I have no clue what it is so I will wait to tell us at Christmas.

sewnut said...

I am very glad to hear the positive news of you MIL. I hope for the very best going forward for you all.

I think that I will have to make a drive down the 401 one day to see your 365 challenge in person, or at least stop when I am in Guelph visiting DD