Friday, September 21, 2007

Georgian Quilters

I was invited to speak at the Georgian Quilters' Guild in Meaford, Ontario yesterday. It was a lovely fall day for an adventure - sunny and warm, and the leaves are starting to change colours. The drive took much longer than I and 'Google Maps' had anticipated, since as Beate said "there are 2 seasons in Ontario - Winter and Construction"!! Construction that went on for miles and miles along Highway #6 - blah.
Anyway, I arrived safely and although the construction caused us to shorten our lunch visit, it was still fun. Thanks to Marg, Wilma and Beate for a yummy lunch at McGuinty's. And while I was at the guild meeting, guess what I discovered? They are having a 'president's challenge', and I can get in on it! You know how I love a challenge - especially if it has anything to do with buying, I mean using up, fabric. Here are the two charm squares to start with...let's see...wallhanging with a theme of "A snippet from my life"...perfect! Uh oh - I can only use up to six pieces from my stash plus the two that will be a challenge to limit myself to 6! Surely I can finish up something by June!
I entertained myself on the long drive there and back by listening to Lisa Boyer's "Stash Envy - And Other Quilting Confessions and Adventures". It was very entertaining and had me laughing out loud at times. I particularly enjoyed the chapter on 'progressive lenses and quilting'!
And of course I had to visit a quilt shop on the way home.... it was just a little out of the way! I stopped by Chrissie's store in Markdale called Quilter's Line. I picked up a couple of fabrics for borders for season minis that I am finishing, and some beads, and I may have also purchased a few batik FQ's :)
It was a wonderful quilty day, topped off with dropping in to visit my long time quilting friend Louise in the Mount Forest area. I thought "I can't be this close to her house and not take a little detour to see her"! I enjoyed having a cup of tea and visiting with her on the porch, while her children buzzed around us, doing homework, playing with their kittens and wearing off all the energy that youngsters seem to have so much of!
Don't forget that this is my blogiversary - leave me a blog comment this week and I'll put your name in the draw for a fabric gift!


Linda from NJ said...

I got to your blog thru the Quilting 4 Pleasure ring. however you don't seem to have this link posted on your blog so this "breaks the ring" could could add the Q4P link to your blog?

Kathy Wagner said...

Hi Linda
I haven't ever belonged to the Q4P ring, so you couldn't possibly link to my blog through that ring.
I do belong to the stashbusters ring, which you can access by clicking on the Stashbuster's Icon on the right side of my blog.

Sweet P said...

Mmmm . . . purple and green . . . my 2 favorite colors. I'll be interested in seeing what you create with those challenge charms.

You had a wonderful quilty day - friends, shopping and a book. What else could you want - unless it is a day spent sewing.

Nicole and Phil said...

How amazing to tak to a guild about your quilting! I am impressed!! :)
THe challenge looks interesting, I have never done a challenge before (mainly because then the WIP's will become more UFO's.) One day when I get the UFO's under control, I might do one too...I always like the challenges with Keepsake Quilting! although I see that most winners tend to be applique..which I don't do...maybe deep down that's the reason I don't do challenges! hahaha
Look forward to see what you come up with!

ShinyNewThing said...

Happy bloggiversary! Keep up the great work, you are so talented.
best wishes, Sharon

sewnut said...

I love Chrissie and Quilter's Line. All of her fabrics are great. I have even called her up, given her my credit card # and told her to shop for me, the surprises are always wonderful.