Saturday, October 10, 2015

Scrappy Saturday - Brown

It's brown month for the RSC'ers.
I don't love brown (it's just so dark and colourless!) but we are learning to get along. I must admit that I like brown quite a bit more when I call it chocolate brown! 
Here are the brown Alamo star blocks I have sewn so far this month as leader/enders. Their job will be to help the other blocks to sparkle in the finished quilt :)

I've also finished 4 brown blocks for the Omigosh collection.I have more than half of the double nine patch blocks finished now. That means about 1/4 of the piecing is done on this quilt - now that's progress.

Here's the pile of the blocks that live in my fridge, where they can stay nice and fresh for years!

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Friday, October 09, 2015


My friend Deanna sent me this card... she knows me well!

Very exciting lives we quilters lead!

Have a great Friday, and I hope you get some quilting done today before you fall asleep!

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Two tips for boredom prevention

I have started machine quilting "Easy Street" - which is not at all easy due to the size of it. The hardest part is quilting in the centre, which is where I always start.
These are some of the threads I am starting with. I like to use different colours of threads, especially when the quilting design is boring. And because I am stitching-in-the-ditch (which really means somewhere near the ditch) I am frequently bored. 
Tip #1 -  change the thread colour whenever you start to feel bored with the quilting. The thread sits in (or near) the ditch/seam line so you can barely see it anyway, so why not use up those almost empty thread spools.

Tip #2 - as you are quilting, visit with the fabrics as you pass by. 
I like to remember when and where I bought special fabrics, and who was with me at the time. Not all fabrics have a memory for me. Some were given to me in scrap bags or were purchased here and there on days that have no lasting significance.
But some are very special...

See that fabric to the left of the needle? It says "www.hancocks-paducah".
Guess where I bought that?!? It was purchased during my first big trip to the USA to see a quilt show in 2009. Click here for some blog memories.

And see that green fabric to the left of the needle? This was purchased at a stop on the way to my second trip to a USA quilt show in 2011....
I bought it at Keepsake Quilting in New Hampshire
It's one of my favourite fabrics of all time... blah, blah, blah. I have it in green, and in black on white, and it always makes me smile.

See that purple fabric to the left of the needle? That was one of the guild challenge fabrics around 2006 or so.

And that green fabric with the leaves, and the teal one to the left of it with the same pattern? I bought that at Stedman's in Haliburton on a girl's weekend away in 2010. I have no idea why we stopped there... it had something to do with a Halloween costume I think! Anyway... who knew Stedman's sells fabric! 

See how fun this is?!? You get some quilting done, and remind yourself of fun adventures from the past. It's a win-win and a definite antidote to boredom!

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

UFO of the month (again!)

Time to fess up... in spite of the pep talk I gave myself at the beginning of September, I didn't come anywhere close to finishing that UFO.  I still hope to finish this mystery quilt from 2012 in time for Bonnie's new mystery which starts in November. 

A plain border is sewn on, and the pin basting has been started. I decided to just stitch-in-the-ditch on all the diagonal seams for the quilting. It will be a boring process of quilting about 80+ straight lines, while shoving that big 90" quilt through the throat of my poor old domestic sewing machine over and over. I make it sound so appealing, don't it?!?! It'll be a good upper body workout for sure.
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Monday, October 05, 2015

Design Wall Monday - Country Roads

I have my Country Roads mystery top together. My friend Sandy came over to sew on Friday night and we got to see each other's quilt tops. They couldn't be more different!

Isn't that amazing!??
After auditioning more than 25 fabrics for my setting pieces, I finally found this grey fabric that I was happy with. Although I don't usually try grey, this one works for me. It fades into the background and allows my high contrast blocks to shine. And Sandy's version is opposite... her blocks are a lower contrast and the setting fabric jumps up and shines.
We had a great time sewing together and were amazed by how different our quilts turned out. We discussed quilting and finishing ideas, and of course we discussed our next mystery projects. It's so fun to have a quilty friend who loves everything I do and is as crazy as I am... I always feel "normal" when I'm with her!!
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Sunday, October 04, 2015

Slow Sunday Stitching

Earlier in the week there was a warm and sunny day while summer was trying to linger on.  I had to go to the beach one more time to top up my Vitamin D. I took along my hand stitching bag and started the next block for my Life Is Beautiful quilt. 
As you can see, the beach was deserted. It was the perfect respite - calm and peaceful. 
The very next day the weather took a turn, the temperature dropped and the cool fall air blew in. Time to get the furnace prepared for a long winter ahead and get the winter clothes out of storage.

It's also the perfect weather for snuggling under your favourite quilt and reading a good book, or putting a few more stitches in your project. 
Why not make a cup of tea and treat yourself to visiting some of the links below. You will be inspired by some wonderful hand stitching projects.

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Scrappy Saturday - Still Orange

Over at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge we are switching from September's orange to October's brown. I had a few orange pumpkin seeds to finish up. 16 seeds were sewn into 4 blocks to add to the collection. I think it's time to give some serious thought to a layout for these blocks.

My main project for brown month is going to be to machine quilt my brown block sampler from a few years ago. A few blocks each week ought to get it done in a month.

I also finished 2 orange blocks for my scrappy sprouts project (pattern here).

This is the sprout stalk so far, a total of 6 blocks. It has a long way to grow!

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