Monday, June 05, 2023

Design Wall Monday

On Saturday I attended a fun "in person" sewing day with my guild members. I have been attending regularly via zoom, but gosh I missed being with people during the covid years! Zoom is fun, but there is nothing like actually being together and working on donation quilts with "like minded" quilters!

We had a wonderful day of sewing string blocks. I worked on sewing together the purple blocks that other guild members had made. I brought my 1952 Featherweight sewing machine for this outing. At first she had a bit of trouble with the tension (out of practice!) but I was able to fix it and she did a great job of getting these blocks sewn together.

Here are the string blocks on the design wall. I am still leaning to the chevron layout and look forward to making more purple string blocks to add to this collection. Notice the occasional pieced strings which add character to the project and use up smaller pieces 💜💜💜

I went to the sew day with no projects to work on and just wanted to help with whatever was needed. 
And I came home with THREE projects! This is the other string piecing project I adopted. I'm sure you can see why I couldn't let it stay at the orphanage! I love these blocks and can't wait to make more of them!


  1. Those rainbow string blocks are so pretty, they definitely had to come home with you. Looks like you've got some fun scrappy stitching on your plate for this week.

  2. Wow, what great string blocks!!! So bright and colorful!!! Too much fun!

  3. Really beautiful blocks--bright and cheery!!
    and do you know anything about Melissa at Pinker n Punkin blog site--she went on a 10 day trip on May 16th and now word from her on her site since???
    thanks and have a great week--
    hugs, di

  4. Nothing like a bunch of colorful fabrics to play with to brighten a day! I accidentally add to my "must make" list all the time this way....

  5. String blocks are so fun - and make some awesome quilts. I agree that sewing together in person is so much more fun than via Zoom.

  6. Sounds like an amazing time!!
    and your blocks are awesome!

  7. Zoom is good but IRL is the best. Your blocks are looking good but your sewing machine is a cute little wonder!