Monday, May 15, 2023

Sewcialites 2

Orange is the colour of the month at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I have been playing with some orange scraps and made 2 new sewcialites blocks to add to my collection.

First up is block # 15 called "Brighten" by Minki Kim. This was quick and easy to sew, and made from 3 fabrics.  I'm making all my blocks in the 6" size but this is a really cool block and wouldn't it make a dramatic quilt in the larger size (9") pattern?

Next was block #18 called "Spellbound" by Robin Pickens. It was the perfect pattern to use up 16 pieces in my 1.5" square collection

Why did I skip block #16 and #17 you ask? Well, one block was too many large chunk of orange for my liking, and I'll save that one for another month's colour, and one block was too hard for my brain this week, so I'll also save that one for next month!

Here is my yummy block collection so far. Some colours are noticeably absent in the sampler, but they will appear in the next few months.

All the free Sewcialites 2 block patterns are posted now (in 3 sizes) and will continue to stay on the Fat Quarter website, so I will keep sewing 2 blocks each month until I have sewn them all.

Linking up to Angela's RSC party and Judy's Design Wall party


  1. Your sampler looks great in the rainbow palette.

  2. I really like how you incorporated all of the RSC colors in your Sewcialites project this year. The blocks look great.

  3. That first block is very interesting. I may make one just to try it out.

  4. I do like that Brighten block! It would definitely a pretty quilt all on its own. Your Sewcialites collection is really growing into a beautiful sampler!

  5. Your Sewcialites blocks are great. I joined in last year, but somehow I didn't manage to get started this year. I did download the blocks every week.

  6. the Brighton block is new to me I like how it looks like it's woven

  7. A very fun collection of blocks.

  8. I love your orange blocks, and the shot of all of them together makes me smile. Great job!