Sunday, October 10, 2021

Slow Sunday Stitching

Welcome to the weekly link up for hand stitching enthusiasts! 

Today is Thanksgiving here in Canada and I am thankful for so many things, including this international community of enthusiastic and talented hand stitchers! Whether you post your projects in the link ups, or you encourage others in their long term, slow stitching endeavours, or you are stitching along quietly on your own hand stitching projects making your corner of the world calmer and more beautiful, we are thankful for YOU!

I started a new hand stitching project this week to celebrate the wonderful fall weather. Melisa at Pinker 'n Punkin Quilting posted a free fall embroidery design which I thought would be perfect for my front door. When I saw Diann's version on her blog Little Penguin Quilts I was inspired to get going on my own little quilt.

I traced the design with my Frixion pens. I really like these for tracing embroidery designs, but apparently they have all died except the teal colour. Does anyone know why this happens? I haven't used them much and there should still be lots of ink in them.

I am hand stitching the design using 3 strands of DMC floss and have backed it with a scrap of batting before stitching. I am trying this out to give the project more stability instead of using a hoop. 

The pumpkin is embroidered using the back stitch. Pumpkins are orange so that thread choice was an easy!  Now I am auditioning other thread colours to use. 

What are you hand stitching today? Have you started a new fall project? Or maybe you are finishing an old one? Link up your post below and share your slow progress with us.

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  1. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Day, Kathy.
    I'm thankful that you take the time each week to arrange the Slow Stitching linkup for us all, where ever we may live, around the world. It's always a delight to see what other stitchers are working on.
    Jenny from New Zealand

  2. Hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving Day, Kathy. I too, am thankful for this lovely linkup each time. It is a wonderful space to be inspired by others' creativity and see what others are stitching. That is a sweet little Fall design. Enjoy your stitching.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! I love that Fall design. I am interested in seeing how it comes out with the batting behind it.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Kathy!
    This Fall embroidery is also calling me, I just have to find an extra time to begin stitching this one, so cute!
    Thank you for hosting this lovely Link Party.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, Kathy. If you store your pens in an upright position,, stand them with the writing end down. Mine have lasted a long time and that is the only thing I do with them.

    Christine Currie

  6. Happy Thanksgiving. We, your readers, are thankful for your linky and for showing us what can be accomplished using all the little leftovers from other projects. And I have noticed the same issue with Frixion pens. I'll have to try Christine's idea of storing them upright.
    Enjoy your holiday and your extra day off tomorrow.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving, Kathy! It's fun to see that you're stitching the Fall design, too. I've also been tracing my embroidery designs with my Frixion pens. I love being able to iron them after finishing and have any unwanted marks disappear! I guess I do store them upright, so that's helping them stay usable longer. Have a wonderful day!

  8. I haven't used the Frixion pens as I read that you have to apply an iron to remove the marks - that wouldn't work for quilting I don't think - have you tried storing them in a plastic bag like Ziplock? I don't know if that would help.
    happy Thanksgiving

  9. Happy Thanksgiving! A perfect little embroidery to work on today! Thank you for bringing this happy band of hand stitchers together every week!

  10. Yes I agree with the others thank you for hosting this party every week! And happy thanksgiving to you and yours.

  11. Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful to you for hosting this weekly motivation! My Frixion pens die frequently too. I have no reason why, or how it can be remedied though. Happy Stitching!

  12. OK! I printed out that cute little fall embroidery and will be doing that today, and thank you for the link! I am grateful for life, for our God, and for friends like you! Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Happy Thanksgiving! Wish the USA celebrated this time of the year instead of so close to Christmas.

  14. Happy Thanksgiving, Kathy. My Frixon pens dry out too and I don't know why, not from use. I will be interested to know how embroidering with the batting works out, a method I'd like to try.

  15. Hi Kathy, I'm very thankful for this great community and your linking parties. I managed to miss your link up but will do so next Sunday. Happy Thanksgiving! Take care.