Sunday, July 23, 2017

Slow Sunday Stitching

Welcome to the weekly hand stitching party!
At Slow Sunday Stitching, we brag about our slowness, and take pride in the art of relaxing, breathing deeply, and not really accomplishing much. We believe in the health benefits of relaxation, and take it seriously enough to commit to the practice at least once a week. If you need a reminder of the benefits of relaxation, click here.

This week has seen me slowly stitching on a few different projects:

*here I am stitching the split hanging sleeve on the back of a miniature quilt that I am calling Bonnie's Star. I sew my hanging sleeves right into the binding along the top of the quilt. After the sleeve is hand stitched, I stitch the binding down on top of it.

*here I am stitching the label for the Bear Quilt. I have been remiss about making labels for my quilts in the past, and every time I do a quilt lecture and trunk show I feel embarrassed about that. So I am trying to improve my habits by making a label for every finished project.  
This label is a plain muslin rectangle in the centre with the quilt's information, surrounded with sausage fabric. It's an easy label to make, with the edges turned under and appliqued to the back of the quilt. Sometimes I just tuck a triangle label into the corner of the binding. I'm also stitching the binding on the bear quilt today and am so close to finishing!

*here I am appliqueing the centre of a trillium block. The pieces were tiny and I used the toothpick trick from Becky Goldsmith (video here) to turn the edge under a bit at a time. I don't enjoy applique this tiny, but for one block I can force myself to do it!

What are your hands stitching? 
We encourage you to relax and spend some time creating something with your needles today! 
Slow down, take some stitches and then link up your blog post below so we can see what you're working on.


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  1. Love your Bonnie's Star block. I just know it will probably be used in her next book.

    I too am not very reliable when it comes to making labels. I'm starting to try to do it. Yippee for the bear quilt to get to the point where it needs one! Congrats on keeping up with that goal.

    Love the looks of that flower. I'm off to check out the toothpick trick in the video. Thanks for the tip. Happy stitching!

  2. ouch those tiny pieces are hard to applique for sure! :)

    Love the growing star collection in the Saturday post !

  3. Looks like you are finishing up a couple of projects! I can't wait to see the finishes! Happy slow and relaxing Sunday to you!

  4. My morning involved making some stitches and taking out some stitches :(

  5. I'm trying to get better at labeling too. I need to make it part of the process and not think I'm finished when the last stitch in the binding is taken. I'm thinking maybe I'll make the label when I make the binding and force myself to sew it on before the binding. So's not a habit!

  6. I couldn't agree more about the power of relaxation. Happy Sunday Kath!

  7. I need to get better with quilt labels also. One of the few labels that I printed and thought that I had set washed out on me. I have to fix it now which is really annoying. Enjoy your stitching.

  8. Wow! I've enjoyed Slow Stitching so much it's been extended! Every Friday evening I clean my sewing machine and put it's cover on. It's a nice little ritual to begin my Slow Stitching Weekend! I'm loving it! Thank you for hosting and for this wonderful concept!

  9. I hand stitched yesterday, but, probably not today.

  10. I plan to slow down this week and stitch a bit! So nice to recharge with some needlework today.

  11. You have been a. Yay lady this week! Anxious to see your Trillium block. Happy Sunday!

  12. It's so good a feeling when you are near completion of a quilt, although sometimes I feel sad when I've enjoyed the process and I don't want it to end! (I know I'm contrary) but well done for doing the label!!!!